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Crisis Management
  • Immediate on-site assessment of property damage and supervision of initial clean-up to re-gain safe access to the property for tenants and customers without compromising insurance claims
  • Immediate securing of any ‚open air‛ damage caused by wind or fire including air conditioner and roof dry-ins and removal of debris which might compromise building structure
  • Fostering relationships with vendors throughout the year and beyond to ensure immediate arrival on-site after crisis situations should they occur
  • Communication with insurance companies to file claims for damage and then begin the re-building coordination of both exterior property and interior tenant repairs.
  • Coordination with Tenant insurance companies according to lease agreements to ensure the maximum amount of help is provided to tenants after crisis situations, without compromising the Landlord’s investment. This ensures that tenant’s re-open timely to re-gain property income as quickly as possible for the Landlord.
  • Immediate bidding of work for Landlord’s responsible repairs. Also, tenant assistance unknowledgeable with construction in the bidding and securing of contractor’s for their particular repair work, whether owner is responsible for costs or not.
  • Knowledge of insurance policies, endorsements and deductibles.
  • Experienced in flood / water damage including the timely removal of all mold prone improvements such as carpeting, baseboards, ceiling tiles, insulation and affected drywall. This work is completed without removing evidence of damage that would substantiate flood insurance claims.
  • In fire situations, immediate assessment of possible safety issues including electrical and utility shut-down.
  • Securing of the qualified and licensed contractors specializing in fire and water remediation repairs to the standards required of the local municipalities.

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