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There is no lack of understanding that this is a challenging time for both tenants and landlords. Both parties continue to incur obligations including those of rents, mortgages, supply and contractor payments as well as other obligations such as those to payroll and financial institutions.

In an effort to understand what options are available, this list has been compiled by NAI Southcoast to assist all companies, tenants, landlords and individuals to supplement their cash flow responsibilities.

  • Check with your insurance provided regarding loss of business / sales coverage.
  • Check with the State of Florida and the federal government with regards to financial help through a variety of different organizations (see list below).
  • You can also assist the State of Florida as well by filling out a survey at
  • For further assistance with this survey, businesses can also contact Emergency Support at
  • Payroll tax credits with regards to paid sick, family and medical leave.



Small Business Bridge Loans, interest free for up to one year:


PHONE: 866-737-7232

Florida Realtors News and Media Center


CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to Jennifer Trent at 772-286-6292 or