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NAI Southcoast Services


We help buyers develop informed and compelling offers so that they ultimately outperform other investors in the market.

Our market analysis provides you with the data you need to negotiate from a point of advantage.

With NAI Southcoast on your side, you'll never overpay for a property.



Don't leave money on the table: we help sellers ensure that they are getting the best deal for their property.

Avoid underselling your property by getting your property in front of the widest possible range of potential buyers.

Rest easy knowing that you're getting the best price.



Our Three Rings strategy will find the best tenants for you by helping you identify who they are and where to find them.

We save you time by filtering out tenants that aren't a good fit for your property.

NAI Southcoast's systems and years of experience can help you get in front of your ideal tenants.



Commercial leases are like a Rubik's Cube. We solve the Rubik's Cube for you.

The 4-Step NAI Southcoast STAN Program, combined with our decades of expertise, will guide you through the leasing process.

We help you sign with confidence, making sure that you never overpay or get trapped in a bad lease.



Owning and self-managing commercial real estate can be very challenging. We've developed a full service property management enterprise that includes asset management, fully staffed maintenance and construction departments.

You don’t have to do it yourself to maximize the value of your assets. NAI/Southcoast is the experienced commercial property manager you deserve as your partner. Call us today to learn more.


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Why NAI Southcoast?

NAI Southcoast was founded in 1982 and has been providing full service commercial real estate brokerage and property management ever since. With a rich history of doing many of the largest real estate transactions on the Treasure Coast, as well as helping clients acquire, manage, and dispose of smaller commercial properties, NAI Southcoast is well qualified to assist all of its clientele.

NAI Southcoast has built a strong brand and market share, which has proven to be a benefit to its clients, as other professionals want to do business with the firm.

NAI Southcoast is part of the NAI Global Network which was listed in the top three for Lipsey's Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Brands Survey - one rank higher than the last position we held for four consecutive years!

The NAI Global Network allows NAI Southcoast to dominate locally and be ultra competitive globally. NAI Global has more than 375 offices strategically located throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific, with 6,000 local market professionals, managing in excess of 1.15 billion square feet of property and facilities.

Annually, NAI Global completes in excess of $20 billion in commercial real estate transactions throughout the world.